Feel Lake Maggiore vibes

Take a big breath: can you smell this beautiful flower scent? Or can you feel this light breeze? Or can you hear this calming water sound? These are Lake Maggiore vibes. 

Are you ready to try these sensations?

Lake Maggiore is a legendary lake and it is full of secrets: do you want to discover them?

In this amazing area, by 66 km of coasts, you can see breathtaking landscapes. Every kilometer can offer you a different experience, another view: this is the timeless beauty of this place.

We are sure: you will love it as much as we do!

Our unconventional tours, your unforgettable experience

We are in love with Lake maggiore. This is the reason why we can offer you unconventional tours, that you will remember forever. You can choose a single experience or you can mix them. Discover what we can do for you.

Through the eyes of a “local”

Do you want to have an original and unforgettable Italian experience? Beautiful landscapes and amazing sightseeing are not enough: the secret ingredient of an Italian experience is people. We are italian and we love this incredible places since we were little. As a “local”, we know all the hidden gems of Lake Maggiore and we want you to discover them. 

Lake Maggiore Life is Simona, who will prepare large and colorful table of edibles. She will lead you in the tasteful world of Italian traditional food, prepared with genuine products. 

From farm, to table.

Lake Maggiore Life is Matteo, who will walk with you through the woods and the amazing nature around the Lake Maggiore territory. This will be a re-connecting experience for you: with you, with nature

Lake Maggiore Life is Valentina, who will make you discover secret places of Lake Maggiore. You can try the experience of an authentic Italian aperitivo on a boat at sunset, admiring the coasts of this wonderful corner of paradise from a different perspective.

But Lake Maggiore Life doesn’t end here!

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What you will remember most? Places or experiences?

We believe in the power of sensations and emotions. Our mind is a powerful tool, that can remember a lot of things. But what memories are more detailed? If you try to visualize, maybe you can find this answer: the emotional moments. 

This is the reason why we offer you only unconventional tours and experiences. We want you to remember this trip to Lake Maggiore forever.



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    Lake>Life di Valentina Bianchi
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