Beyond Lake Maggiore


Do you want to live an unforgettable Lake Maggiore vacation?

So you have to discover the story and the territory around Lake Maggiore: they will surprise you!


A real kick, don’t you think?

If this is your first time in Italy, you can’t miss the ship: you have to visit other territories around and listen to the incredible traditional stories. It’s a kind of magic!


Leaving the shores of Lake Maggiore and heading north, on the border with Switzerland, you will find Val d’Ossola. It is a wide open valley from which many of our mountain valleys depart: Val Formazza, Val Vigezzo, Valle Antrona, Val Bognanco, Val Divedro and Valle Anzasca.


Valle Anzasca is our favorite: it is at the feet of Monte Rosa, one of the highest mountains of the Alps, with its 4634 meters. At the end of the Anzasca valley, you can notice a small village, rich in history: Macugnaga. 

One village, a lot of stories

Macugnaga is one of the few mountain villages that has preserved intact the original characteristics of the ancient civilization that colonized it in the thirteenth century: the Walser. The Walser were an ancient group of German farmers and shepherds from the Swiss canton Valais.

In the Anzasca valley you will find houses still made of wood and stone, with the typical Walser architecture. You will walk the old smugglers’ paths and you will lose your gaze on steep slopes covered with larch and centennial firs.


We suggest you visit these territories in an unconventional way: riding a horse, like the Walser tribe, and having lunch in one of the traditional huts. Also you can book the tour of the village and of the “Guja” gold mine: it’s unmissable!


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