Canyoning is an activity that combines water sports and mountain sports. It consists of descending streams that flow through rocky channels, without the help of canoes, kayaks or rafts. In fact, you go on foot, with the help of ropes to descend into the vertical sections of the canals.
This activity is also practical for those who have no experience in the “mountaineering” field. But you must at least like the water!

What to bring for canyoning:

  • a comfortable swimsuit that must be worn under the wetsuit,
  • a pair of hiking shoes or sneakers that you will use to get into the water, (important: they must have a string closure/shoes laces to avoid losing them),
  • a pair of spare shoes, as the first ones will get wet during the activity,
  • a towel and spare clothes for when you have finished the activity.

If you wear glasses, we recommend you to use soft contact lenses.


Weather and hydrological conditions:

Weather forecasts and hydrogeological conditions are the variables that we will have to take into account before embarking on any excursion in a canyon. Guides may cancel or postpone the outings with undisputed judgment: a sudden change in the conditions of the stream could put the whole group in serious danger during an excursion. We will notify you in time in case of changes in the plan.
The activities can be carried out even in case of bad weather, provided that the conditions for a safe performance of the activities are not lacking.

The activity depends
on weather conditions

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