In love with our territory

Hi, we are Simona, Matteo and Valentina. We are Lake Maggiore Life’s heart.

This project was born along the sunny shores of our beloved Lake. We (Valentina and Matteo) were walking, when two American tourists asked them for some tips to visit Lake Maggiore “in an alternative way”. A light went off in our heads!

Those tourists maybe were bored because of the usual tours of Lake Maggiore. Maybe they wanted to see the landscape with a different perspective. 

The perspective of a “local”.

There “Lake Maggiore Life” was conceived, today it is reality. 

We (always Valentina and Matteo) traveled a lot around the world as a couple and today we remember only the best and craziest experiences.

We realized that the best way for a trip to stay printed in your heart, is to live like the locals.


Cultural differences are erased, gratitude to other human beings multiplies.


Lake Maggiore like a “local”

During our journey towards creating this project, we met Simona. Then, she wanted to take part in Lake Maggiore Life and give an important contribution: she gave life to “Farm to table” experience. You absolutely have to try it to live an unforgettable Italian Experience!

Farm to table” was the first experience we have add to our project, but in this years we explored the territory with a goal: discover small, fascinating and small unknown realities. These offer you unforgettable experiences in the amazing territory of Lake Maggiore. 

This is our “Italian souvenir” for you: It won’t be a magnet to hang on the refrigerator door, but a memory to carry forever in your heart.Taste the real Lake Maggiore Life, feel an unforgettable Italian Experience.



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