Farm to table Lago Maggiore

Gastronomic experiential travel with extreme attention in choosing the best products. Our philosophy has always been focused on using the highest-quality produce in our cooking.

That’s why we choose to work with small, artisanal local growers whose passion for their craft translates into the most flavorful produce. We pride ourselves in using seasonal and locally sourced fruit and vegetables mostly from organic farms with an emphasis on freshness and quality.

Our vegetables, meat, local cheese, charcuterie, hand made pasta, are creating healthy, delicious and traditional Italian dishes (fully respecting Italian cooking).

Farm To Table Lago Maggiore embraces the traditional food of the Piedmont region, genuine, tasty. A few simple ingredients that expertly assembled make delicious and inviting dishes.


Farm To Table Lago Maggiore also contemplates experiential days by joining local professionals.

Thanks to a collaboration with people who believe in an innovative project of significant importance, we will offer the opportunity to connect with a series of “Experiences” dedicated to the guests of our Lake Maggiore aimed at making the territory and culture known, through days of leisure far from the prepackaged tourist schemes.

We combine our skills with those of professionals in the area, with the aim of enhancing the Verbano area with the aim of promoting our lake in all its seasons. Our proposals will also be feasible in autumn, winter and spring. There will be ‘themed event days’ aimed at a greater turnout during public holidays and weekends. Here are some examples, but be aware collaborations are constantly evolving.

We are a team of professionals in love with Lake Maggiore, we offer a different way to experience this wonderful territory in all 4 seasons and in three languages, Italian, English and French.

Simona’s dream


Empathetic smile, luminous skin, soft and welcoming figure: Simona is the portrait of the joy of life and health, despite the intense and demanding days that see her divided between cooking, organizing events and buying cheeses, meats, vegetables and other delicacies, pride of the local gastronomy, or rather of the territories that are reflected on Lake Maggiore where it has moved for some years.

In fact, she lives and accompanies in a greedy experience of flavors, sometimes forgotten, those who want to have lunch or dinner with her or take a cooking class in the beautiful house of Massino Visconti, built by his grandparents during the Second World War when they were forced to evacuate from Milan and which they had fallen in love with the splendid view of Lake Maggiore. The secret of this sweet and energetic lady, with a knack for making the best of life, keeping stress and mood swings at bay? The passion for cooking and gastronomic research which also includes the discovery of ancient traditional recipes, revised and updated in the light of modern needs.